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Essential Oil Roller

Essential Oil Roller

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Essential oils are multi-faceted. Essential oils are natural and most, if not all essential oils possess some sort of helping or healing  property.

Essential Oil Rollers are perfect for use at home or to take with you wherever you go! They are even small enough to take with you on an air plane while you are out living your best life!

Essential Oils also smell amazing. Some of my favorite  oils are of the floral variety and I can’t wait until you smell these light, yet vibrant scents  in convenient sized bottle. 

You can use these oils as:

A spot treatment for certain skin challenges.

As an all natural perfume as opposed to utilizing actual perfume that may posses harsh chemicals.

You can put it in your palm and add a bit to your hair for a light scent.

Or you can utilize it for aromatherapy purposes. 

At the foundation of the roller is Coconut Oil. 

Essential Oils to choose from: 

Ylang Ylang 


Cherry Blossom 

Plum Blossom 


White Tea 






Dark Tea ( which is an amazing, more masculine scented oil) 

I know you will enjoy the scents and the benefits that they bring.

Be Well. 



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