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Be Well Skin Care, LLC

Heal and Foot Scrub and Balm Pack

Heal and Foot Scrub and Balm Pack

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Be Well Skin Care's Heal and Foot solution is the perfect way to keep the skin on your feet healthy and smooth. 

This scrub contains: 

Dead Sea Salt helps to scrub away dirt particles and dead skin cells and contribute to smooth clean skin. 

Himalayan Pink Salt encourages circulation and exfoliates dead skin cells.  

Almond Oil contains zinc that assists with treating dry, cracked skin.  

Avocado Oil  contains fatty acids that assist with moisturizing and hydrating the skin. 

Rose Oil can assist with pain relief and softens/moisturizes the skin 

Lavender Oil has both calming and detoxifying properties. Lavender is also said to assist with pain relief.  

Eucalyptus Oil  has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Eucalyptus also assists with pain relief and possesses cooling properties. 

The balm contains

Bees Wax which helps to retain moisture and soften skin. The consistency of bees wax also helps to create a long lasting, all natural moisturizing agent. 

Sesame Oil is full of fatty acids that make it an amazing moisturizing agent. It assists in removing dead skin, dirt, and other pollutants and helps to smooth out the skin. 

Olive Oil helps to maintain moisture and reduce irritation.

Coconut Oil helps to support the skins protective barrier and hydrates the skin. 

Jojoba Oil contains Vitamin E and B Vitamins that help to repair skin and ward off damage. It also severs as an anti-inflammatory and can help to minimize things like chapping of the skin.  

Peppermint Essential Oil helps to soothe irritation and heal the skin. 

Tea Tree Essential Oil helps to soften dry skin and calluses. Tea Tree oil also assists with improving blood circulation and has deodorizing properties.  

Heal and Foot Balm is best used after a shower or bath and in conjunction with the Heal and Foot Scrub. The balm can be used daily. 

Be Well Skin Care's Heal and Foot Scrub is jammed pack with amazing, all natural ingredients to improve dry/cracked feet or to help you maintain the smooth and healthy appearance if dry/cracked skin is not an issue for you. 

Be Well Skin Care's Heal and Foot Scrub's recommended usage is 2-3 time a week. during or after a shower/ bath and before using Be Well Skin Care's Heal and Foot Balm. This salt scrub is designed to be an abrasive scrub for stubborn areas and an amazing tool to add to your skin care regimen. 

Be Well.  

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